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Jack Gusler has been designing energy efficient buildings in extreme climates since 1986.



Building Energy Consultants has specialized in commercial and residential mechanical designs and installations of air conditioning, heating, insulation and solar system projects for over 20 years in Orlando. Consistently engineering the most occupant comfortable and energy efficient systems available. Our customers have enjoyed the comfort and health benefits, always banking the returns via the operating cost saving of things done simply correct and verified and constantly inspected.

Many of these copyrighted design strategies and techniques are now widely practiced in Florida & International Building Code.  With this level of experience, we provide valuable building consulting services to owners, contractors and developers in Orlando and throughout Florida.

 Building Services include residential and commercial projects for your home, commercial building,  condo or resort complex. Cutting edge building designs and applications of heating and cooling, solar electric & hot water, dehumidifying, and thermal envelope systems.


If you are currently planning a home, building or remodel project, or planning one soon, Building Energy Consultants can help you determine which techniques will be most beneficial for your specific project based on your priorities and budget.

We also provide professional energy audits for you current home our Business, detailed design & review of your blueprints for your new energy efficient dream home or office complex. Thinking of replacing your current energy guzzling water heater with a personal solar heating plant? Maybe it’s time to repair and correct your ductwork and install a new variable speed moisture hungry Air Conditioner, We can amaze you with the savings and comfort levels our service deliver year after year.


Using Building Energy’s techniques and designs will benefit you and your clients and your business. We will work with you during any or all of the phases of construction, from design through completion, and can work with your team as it interfaces with clients or function as a behind-the- scenes advisor to help you ascend the design- building learning curve. In addition, Building Energy provides training and consulting services.

One stop shopping for all your thermal & mechanical designs needs.

One on One consultation with your clients to give them all of the “Green” options available today. Find each client’s true goals and assist them thru the design process.


Working with Building Energy can help you determine what you should consider discussing with your clients as you seek to incorporate your designs. We can work you and your clients on specific projects, or we can consult with your firm on project planning practices.

Many major firms benefit from the design experience that we bring to the table.  Building Energy’s in house building science design and research has given us knowledge that can only come from many years invested.


 Need highly specialized , unbiased, non-conflicted expertise? You come to the right place. With our experience and knowledge we have become somewhat popular in the area of litigation.

 Many of Florida top construction law firms use our many specialize construction abilities to resolve and close cases that can be otherwise very challenging. Construction defect issues from the building envelope to the condition of the indoor air and it’s affect on the occupants & structure can be costly and sometime deadly!

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